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Voting Faithfully: Immigration

For the last three weeks at Westfield, we've been in a sermon series entitled Voting Faithfully. The idea was this: so often we relegate our political conversations to traditional media, social media, and the kitchen table. But it's clear to us that the church has...

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Visual Worship

Poofs, Confetti, and the Resurrection

Poofs, Confetti, and the Resurrection

A little over six weeks ago, I told you all about our latest Lenten installation that featured giant, vertical words that represented the six sermon themes for the season. They were striking. Particularly on Maundy Thursday, when their silhouettes loomed over our...


New Stole Sunday: The Evangelists

New Stole Sunday: The Evangelists

This is, like the last post, a little late to the blog. I wore this stole on Trinity Sunday, since the Trinity could be considered the theological backdrop of scripture. It's a stole that G. gave me early in our relationship. He found this stole, in all its woven...