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Web and Social Media

132_3216 2It’s a reality that many churches are encountering–the online drive-by. It seems more and more that potential visitors are less likely to physically drive by your church and more likely to google you. What that means for us, the local church, is that the age for clunky and out-of-date websites is past.  What we want to offer potential visitors is this: an authentic portrait of who your church is.  That is to say, who are the people who call your church home, what are the activities your church does together, what are the values that you share. It should be clean, easy to explore, and visually engaging.

And here’s the kicker: it is fundamentally an outreach tool. And that’s where I come in.  Often these become difficult conversations to have because of the lack of a common language around ministry and online presence.  As a pastor, I can help lead your congregation through the ins and outs of creating a web presence for your church.

Creating a web presence doesn’t end with a website.  I am available to help your congregation utilize social media to further their reach into the community and the world.

Check out some of the sites I’ve created.  I also do worship consulting.


Questions? Let me know!