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It’s been cold here. Really cold.  This winter (from this Southerner’s perspective) has been much longer and way colder than my first winter up here last year.  Just the other day, I looked out the kitchen window and saw big, fat snowflakes falling and instead of my usual response:


I found myself uttering some fundamentally unchristian words.  So, I decided that it was time to thinking back to some warmer Winter memories.  From the comfort of my couch (and the coziness of my heated plush throw which, by the way, has been life-changing),  I started to peruse the photos my dear friend Sarah took when she visited Westfield for our first Victorian Feast.


For those who missed it, Westfield hosts a series of Victorian Christmas services that transport worshippers to the Christmases of yore. We sing, pray, and read the Christmas Story. It all culminates with a candlelight singing of Silent Night. I’m admittedly biased, but it’s just beautiful–and a wonderful way to spend a cold Sunday night in the darkest month of year.

Our Victorian Feast featured tables covered with lanterns, greenery, oranges and nuts alongside traditional Victorian dishes including Yorkshire Pudding and Plum Pudding.




At the end of the meal, it was time to light the Plum Pudding.  But, rather than having a match already lit, then pouring the brandy over the pudding and lighting it, I waited too long to light the pudding.  So, rather than actually flambéing the pudding, we ended up with a pudding soaked in Brandy. Whoops.


Afterwards, we welcomed our Feast guests along with other who came just for the service into our sanctuary.




Such a lovely time in a lovely place.  Warm and cozy thoughts to all of you! (And special thanks to Sarah for such wonderful pictures!)

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