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A few weeks ago, I met my delightful and dear friend Sarah a couple of states over in Massachusetts for a visit and a photoshoot. Sarah is an accomplished photographer (although she’d never frame it that way–get it? Frame it? I know, awful). Anyway, like I said, she’s REALLY good. She’s one of those people who just has an eye for it, and then makes it happen.

She’s taken photos for me before, the last time was at my ordination where she took one of the most meaningful pictures I have from that day.


She and I had talked about taking some professional photos for me ever since I moved up to my not-so-new-anymore position at Westfield. But, you know, church life got in the way. There was always something else to do, or a lovely little reality of the north–snow. Simply put, it hadn’t happened. But then I got a call from Elon— a call Elon has recently made public.


I graduated from Elon in 2007, and let me tell you: what a school! I am incredibly honored to be selected as one of the seven and deeply grateful to Elon for all it has given me including a deep and abiding appreciation for the work of United Church of Christ–my denomination and the denomination that Elon is still affiliated with to this day.

Along with notification of the award came a request for some biographical information and a high resolution photo.  Needless to say, I had found my opportunity to finally get some professional photos made!

Twelve outfit variations (it’s amazing how a different tie or coat can change a look!) and nearly 300 pictures later, here are some of my favorites. Sarah, thanks for the fun and the photos!






jongray:pink jonbowtiefix





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