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I love stoles. Fact. I like all kinds: patterned ones, painted ones, even be-tasseled ones are growing on me. But the one’s I like the most are ones with quilted or pieced designs–ones that have texture and in their own way, tell a story. I won’t lie–I also like longer ones that fit my taller build.

This stole, my dear budgies, is a stole that my sweet G.’s mother and father  gave before I left Atlanta (thanks y’all!) and moved up to end of the rainbow known as Connecticut.  It’s a stole created to wear at baptisms. It’s got beautiful stripes of blue fabric angled down it’s right side all covered with a layer of netting. On the Left chest area is the UCC denominational symbol (G. is diligently working increase my denominational loyalty–he’s a born/bread Methodist who bleeds cross and flame!)

So here’s to new stoles and the joy they bring lituri-nerds like me!






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