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While I took what was supposed to be a short vacation in Atlanta last week, a little storm made its way through the North East.  While I was frolicking in the daffodils and warm weather south of the Mason-Dixon line, my dear church members were digging through inches and inches of snow.  Danielson, where Westfield proudly stands, woke up to nearly 3′ of the pretty, white magic last Saturday morning.

Despite my attempts to make it back to Connecticut in time for church on Sunday (and our scheduled baptism–sorry Ingrid and sweet, little A.J!), it just wasn’t in the cards. So, I worked from Atlanta during the early part of the week and made it home in time for our mid-week Ash Wednesday service.

One on my kind youth agreed (after her mama volunteered her for the job) to check on my cat. Last Sunday, she sent me this picture along with the message “I must really like you…so much snow! you go some shoveling to do.”  Indeed. Indeed.




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