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In the spring of 2006, while studying in Denmark, I was introduced to the Eurovison Song Contest. Eurovision, for those of us less familiar, is a continent-wide song contest that has been known to kick-start music careers into the stratosphere. One of the more enduring groups that got their start at Eurovision is Abba, winning the 1974 contest with Waterloo. My host family and I watched the contest taking place that year in Greece from our Copenhagen flat.  I don’t remember much about that contest, but I do remember Carola, Sweden’s entry from that year.

As it turns out, this wasn’t Carola’s first time at the contest. She won the 1991 competition and was back in 2006 to try again. She didn’t win the contest (ultimately, she placed 5th), but what she did win–and I’m sure she’d be thrilled to know this–is a permanent place in my showering playlist.

This isn’t a particularly deep song, but when you need something in the morning that inspires you to get going and face whatever you’ve got coming head on, this’ll do it. Here’s a video of her 2006 performance at Eurovision complete with commentators, wind-blown fabric, and drill team.

And after you’ve listened, go get ’em!

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